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about us

Founded in 2013 in Paris, Aperture Contemporary was born with the objective of building a portfolio of high quality art through which the founders, Maurice and Patrick, both painters, were able to express their love of art and help other artists to gain exposure, at a price affordable to the general public. 

The gallery has built its reputation by presenting at numerous art fairs and festivals around the world for the past decade. 
Aperture Contemporary has featured in over 50 various art fairs since its inception.
In 2020, a new gallery was opened in the heart of the European quarter in Brussels, Belgium. As a vibrant and culturally diverse city, Brussels is the perfect place for a home for our truly international selection of artists, with origins ranging from Ireland to Singapore to the USA.
As an established but modern gallery, Aperture Contemporary relies on its unique combination of high quality art at fair prices to build trust and allow anyone to experience the priceless feeling of connection and deep meaningfulness in your heart that only art can give.

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