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Singapore, Singapore

Paris Rive Droite

Left Bank


East 9th

Greene St NYC

Queensboro Bridge

Guggenheim NY

Guggenheim NY

Lower Manhattan

Tate Modern

Penn Stn

Paris 2ème

Paris 5ème

Paris St Jacques

Midtown Manhattan


Central Park Flames

Mo is a Singaporean artist based in Paris, but he wanders the world’s cities interpreting modern urban landscapes in his dispassionate, architectural style. Mo is best described as a modern urban landscape artist, using acrylic to depict cityscapes, often from a rooftop perspective. Selective in the details he presents, Mo isolates the essential earth tones in his scenes and adopts them in broad blocks of light and shade. His works are reminiscent of classic Chinese landscapes, with their large areas of empty space on the canvas, and unfinished borders leaving the viewer to imagine much of the scene. His works are largely devoid of characters, and people when depicted are devoid of expression or details, giving his scenes a hauntingly quiet feel.


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