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Patrick LAJOIE

Ontario, Canada

Boxing Club

Desert Oasis

Ice Cream Sunday

Rainbow Haze

Take The Long View

Sweet Summer Time

Royal Hawaiian

The other Side of Something

As Far As It Goes

Flower Power

Misty Eyed

Long Hot summer

Tower # 3

On The Green

Born in Canada in 1969, Patrick Lajoie is a highly accomplished artist renowned for his exquisite explorations of color, light, and the intricate emotions tied to memory and nostalgia. His photographic works are particularly noteworthy, as each piece is crafted to capture a deeply personal and inimitable perspective on the world around us.

Lajoie's innovative use of image transfer on wood panel is highly regarded within the art world, and lends his pieces a distinctive warmth in both hue and texture. The gentle golden cast of the wood and the subtle wood grain that is visible beneath the pale areas of pigment create a sumptuous, organic feel that is both beautiful and profoundly moving.

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