Patrick LAJOIE

Ontario, Canada

Boxing Club

Desert Oasis

Ice Cream Sunday

Rainbow Haze

Take The Long View

Sweet Summer Time

Royal Hawaiian

The other Side of Something

As Far As It Goes

Flower Power

Misty Eyed

Long Hot summer

Tower # 3

On The Green


Through his photographic Patrick Lajoie seeks to explore themes of colour and light as well as the emotions sparked by nostalgia and remembrance. Known for his image transfer works on wood panel, each of his pieces is infused with a warmth in both hue and texture, created by the golden cast of the wood as well as the delicate wood grain apparent beneath the paler areas of pigment. Born in 1969,  Lajoie lives and works in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.


À travers son art, Patrick Lajoie explore les thèmes de couleur et la lumière ainsi que les émotions nées de la nostalgie et le souvenir. Connu pour ses œuvres avec le transfert sur bois, ses images sont infusées de couleurs et textures chaleureuses, crée par la couleur dorée du bois et son grain délicat (apparent sous les couleurs pâles). Né en 1969, Patrick vit et travaille à Caledon, Ontario, Canada.